The ‘No-till’ Method of Gardening

  Gardeners usually dig, or turn over the top layer of soil before planting to get rid of weeds and make it easier to use fertilizers and to plant crops. This also speeds up the decomposition of crop residue, weeds and other organic matter. Tilling the soil is often the most back-breaking of a gardener’sContinue reading “The ‘No-till’ Method of Gardening”

Start ‘em Young: Kids Chores on the Farm

Children helping out around the farm is a great way to learn responsibility, builds character, creates a solid work ethic, reduces opportunities for kids to get into trouble and teaches practical life skills. In an age where schools have cut back on time devoted to physical education and recess, it can also be an importantContinue reading “Start ‘em Young: Kids Chores on the Farm”

3 Simple Mulching Tips:

Mulching offers many advantages. First, mulch in your gardens are attractive. They add texture to a landscape and enhance its appearance.  Mulch also acts as a protective barrier around your plants and over your bare soil. A newly planted tree’s best friend is mulch. It is very important to remember to mulch your tree afterContinue reading “3 Simple Mulching Tips:”