All-Natural Beef

If you are searching for beef raised on a family farm, and you want to meet the farmers who raise it, you have come to the right place.  Royal Crest Farm Beef is the brand name for high quality, locally-sourced beef raised by the Moschini Family.

At Royal Crest Farm we raise our own cattle without adding any growth hormones or antibiotics, and we use natural feed grown in our community to provide the best nutrition for the cattle.

Bloods Farm in Groton, MA




Raise on our farm in Spencer, MA.    We use no chemicals, hormones or other artificial additives in the production of our beef.   Our herd is fed a balanced diet farm-fed a balanced diet grown consisting of grass

We have selected cattle breeds, and growing practices that ensure we raise tender, flavourful and most importantly, healthy beef.


Our processing is handled by Bloods Farm a 7 generation family-run, slaughter and processing facility in Groton, MA.

  • Bloods is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • All livestock that enter their premises are subject to our Humane Handling Program to avoid stress on the animal.
  • AGED TO PERFECTION – Our dry aging process produces meats with amazing flavor and exceptional tenderness.
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