Reserve a Prime Rib, Turkey or Holiday Bundle

Prime Rib, Turkey & Holiday Bundles!

Our Prime Rib Roasts is one of the most majestic cuts available. Deliciously marbled and trimmed to perfection. Everyone will eagerly await the consistent marbling and rich, delicious flavoring. A fantastic holiday dinner for your family and guests. Each roast weighs approximately 4.5-6lbs, and we recommend the average serving size is 6-8 oz. per person. Cost is $20.50 for BONE-IN and $23.00 for BONELESS. If you request two prime ribs, please make a note in the comment section of the form.

Each turkey has been carefully raised for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. Royal Crest Farm turkeys have a mouthwatering flavor that will leave your guests begging for more.  All turkeys are $4/lb.

Holiday Bundles are the BEST gift for that person that is hard to shop for. What would be better than receiving a box full of your favorite steaks? Each bundle is packaged and gift-wrapped, ready for you to give as a gift.

SAMPLER Holiday BUNDLE is packed with 6-8 lbs of beef and pork. $60

GRILLING BUNDLES are 6-7 lbs of beef/steaks and pork – $75

PREMIUM BUNDLES are 10-12 lbs. of our top-shelf steaks – $160

Pickup is scheduled for Thursday, 12/22 from 9-5, Friday 12/23 from 9-5, and Saturday 12/24 (Christmas eve) from 9-12 noon. Closed on Christmas Day.

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