170419_092525_283Royal Crest Farm Compost is produced on our dairy farm in Spencer.  Our product is environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemical residues and will help to provide beautiful flower gardens, abundant vegetables and healthy lawns.  We blend hay and shavings with goat and cow manure in long windrows and “cook” it for at least three months at a temperature of 130-150 degrees.  Most weed seeds do not survive this process. When the process is complete, the compost is screened to 3/8 inch particles.  Use Royal Crest Compost to amend all types of soils. Plantings will establish better root systems, be more tolerant to drought and get the nutrients they need for healthy growth and disease resistance.
  • >Compost:    Bulk or bagged; made froBAG compostm goat manure, cow manure, hay and pine shavings.
  • Composted Loam Mix:    A blend of loam compost and 10% sand that works excellent for new lawns, starting flower beds or filling low areas in lawns.