Ordering Quarters, Half and Whole

Have you ever considered buying a “side of beef,” or in other words half a cow?   Have you considered Cow Pooling and sharing a whole beef with family and friends?

A single cow will typically yield around 600-700 lbs of beef when it’s all butchered and packaged.  So when you buy a side of beef, you’ll get 300-350 lbs of meat which will be around 60% ground beef, and 40% steaks and roasts.

What happens when we take your order for a quarter/half or whole beef?

When we take your order and deposit for a quarter/half or whole beef, we try to give you a date when it will go to the meat processor.  When the steer goes to the processor we will call you to get your instructions for how you want your beef cut. The beef will then dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 10-14 days before being cut.  The reason it is dry aged, is that dry-aging helps tenderize the meat.  Cutting, packaging and freezing takes another 2-3 days.

Deposit is required.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.   We do NOT ship quarter/half or whole beef orders.

Decisions, decisions…Figure out how to have your beef order cut.  Read through our guide to selecting your cuts.

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