Ordering FAQs

  • How much beef does your family consume at home in a year?  If you cook at home several nights a week, and occasionally entertain friends, a modest estimate might be around 5 lbs per week for a family of five.  That comes to 260 lbs per year.  Now throw in summer BBQs, holiday parties, etc, and you could easily buy over 300 lbs of beef in a year.
  • What about freezer space?  You’ll need 10-12 cubic feet of freezer space.  That’s more than a typical side-by-side refrigerator freezer can handle.  You’ll probably need a chest-type deep freezer like this one.  Take precautions so that a power outage or tripped circuit breaker doesn’t spoil your meat.  You’ll want to make sure it is frozen and stays frozen to preserve the quality and flavor.  If it is allowed to thaw and is refrozen, it won’t last as long, and the taste will suffer.
  • Will your finances allow it?  It’s a lot to spend all at once, but it can really save you plenty of money over the course of a year.  Consider that supermarket 92% lean ground beef usually sells for $7 per lb or more and good quality steaks and roasts can sell for $10-20 per lb.  A side of beef from Royal Crest Farm sells currently for $7.50 per lb including the very best cuts.  So you spend around $2000 up front and you’re covered for the whole year!
  • Do you want better quality?  While corn-fed, supermarket beef is a sometimes guilty pleasure, farm-fed beef raised on a balanced diet, is healthful and delicious.  You can feel good about serving it to your family, and feel confident they won’t be consuming unhealthful amounts of saturated fats, and beef raised with added growth hormones and antibiotics.  It can be a staple part of their diet, providing vital nutrients and lean protein, and not something you almost consider to be a “junk food.”
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