Teela Sprinkles


I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to offer Teela Sprinkles handmade products at the Royal Crest FarmStore.   OMG…. I love them!   I initially stumbled upon her Etsy page when scouring the web for cool, trendy and funky artisans that we could showcase in the FarmStore.    Her Etsy page popped up as being fairly local (Bedford, New Hampshire) so I decided to send her a message and introduce myself and Royal Crest Farm.   I presented her with the opportunity to join our consignment team and she so graciously accepted.    I love her donuts and the pop tarts (my favorite pop tart is the strawberry ones with the sprinkles just like the ones she makes from felt).

These are great for children’s gifts, baby shower gifts and gifts for the donut lovers.   I recommend popping into the store this weekend and checking them out before they are sold out.

Farm Store hours are Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3 and Sunday 9-noon.


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